Maltepe International Dialogue Conference

‘’Sisterhood’’ alliance from 44 Majors
44 majors from different countries of the world from China to England, from Kenya to Germany, from Angola to Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic attended the ‘’International Dialogue Conference’’ realized by the courtesy of Maltepe Major Ali Kilic. The message sent by Palestine’s El Bireh Major Fawzy Abed who could not attend the meeting due to the embargo of Israel was read in the meeting. 
Maltepe Major Ali Kilic who made the opening speech of the conference held in Cevahir Hotel Istanbul Asia and said ‘’I know the importance of the cooperation between local authorities. Even of the senior officials sign protocols the real protocols that unite societies are signed by the local authorities. The majors and council members are responsible of benefitting the societies from beliefs and cultures. The persons who lead us will represent us in the international platforms but we also have responsibilities. We hope that this conference fills this gap.’’
Christian Ude who is the honorary counsellor of Maltepe Municipality and the Munich former main Municipality Major who made speech after Kilic warned the attendants against the terroristic activities happened in Ankara and experienced for long years in Europe and said ‘’I want to tell this to my Turkish friends; More people than those who attended the racist demonstrations came against them and they consisted the majority of the German society. We cannot find solution by covering the problem. We should negotiate expressly and make real efforts which are more important than diplomatic and stereotype words. We should build bridges between us instead of establishing barriers. We need to develop the dialogue and cooperation. We should introduce this tolerance to all people via the mosques, churches, nongovernmental organisations.’’
Mardin Artuklu Municipality Co-Major Sevinc Bozan stated that she comes from a district where cultures and religions live together in peace and said ‘’Mardin is a place where religions and cultures lived in peace for long years. Assyrian, Armenian, Kurdish, Turkish and other all ethnic and religious groups lived in peace for long years and these people will not fight as long as the world exists. Since half of the world consists of women, half of the authorities should be managed by women too. We want the women to transform cities. We believe that peace, democracy and beauty will save the world.’’
The message sent by Palestine’s El Bireh Major Fawzy Abed who could not attend the meeting due to the embargo of Israel was read in the meeting. The message was read on behalf of the Major by Istanbul General Consulate First Counsellor Abdulkadir Alkhatib and its content was as follows: ‘’I hope that your conference will evaluate the difficulties Palestine is facing right now. Especially this conference, since it is against violations of the human rights and discriminations in terms of language, religion, race, sect and sex, it is very important. Palestine is need to the help of the world more than ever. It is a country where the word of peace lost its meaning. We lost our lands years ago. Children cannot go to their schools and workers cannot work in peace. The children in Palestine also have the right to live just as the children anywhere else. Their parents want to raise them in a peaceful environment. We do not want to burry our children and youngsters anymore. We hope that this conference contributes in taking historical decisions and establish new perspectives in order to solve the problems of the Palestinian people.’’
Kenya Mombasa Minister of Culture and Education Tendia Lewa Mtana, London Enfield municipality Cuncil member Nesimi Erbil, Angola’s de Belas Major Filipe Barros Espanhol, Messe Munich General Manager Eugen Egentenmeir, Munich Public Education Centre Program Director Dr. Susanne May, Erlangen Assistant Major Dr Elizabeth Preub, Gaziantep Municipality Foreign Relations Officer Ökkeş Aytekin, Ankara Yenimahalle Major Fethi Yaşar, Kırklareli Kaynar Major Serdar Türker, Kuşadası Assistant major Ayşe Şerifoğlu and Black Sea Ereğli Municipality Department Manager Metin Avcı made speeches in the conference. Messe Munich General Manager Eugen Egentenmeir explained to the attendants the International Maltepe Exhibition, Congress and Life centre M’Expo project and stated that this project will transform the district into an attraction centre. 
Later on the attendants saluted Maltepe with the cards representing their countries and had a family photo. In the conference that will continue by establishing common work groups, practical sister cities samples, cultural activities, educational and cultural cooperation between countries, common work opportunities in economic points, dialogue between religions, foreigner hostility, racism and radicalism, international migration and immigrant problems and obstacles that prevent integration will be negotiated besides signing sister cities protocols. (24.10.2015)