He was born in 1964 in Pülümür, Tunceli. His high school years were spent in political storms. In 1980 he went abroad. In Germany, he completed his education and started journalism, a profession that overlaps his world view and philosophy of life.

He served as Munich Representative for daily Milliyet for many years.

He attempted to share pains of the oppressed, exploited masses regardless of their beliefs, identities, genders, and opinions by proclaiming problems of our citizens to the society in which we exist and to make contribution toward solving their problems.

In this process, he encountered, at a young age, reality of war which inflects greatest sorrows to humanity.

He covered wars in Romania, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia as a journalist.

He was only 30 years of age when he took over office of General Presidency at Federation of European Alevi Associations, deemed to be the strongest immigrant organization in Europe. Then, as Founder Chairman of Turco-German Friendship Federation he raised social combat against xenophobia and racism, in an organized manner.

During Chairmanship of Willy Brandt, Former Federal German Chancellor, one of unforgettable leaders of socialist and social democrat thought in Europe, his political life started in Youth Branches of German Social Democrat Party and he carried it to Turkey so that the principle of "No oppressed no oppressor, a humane, fair order" becomes dominant in his country.

He became a follower of the Deniz Feneri Case which is introduced as 'Case of the Century's Robbery" which created a tremendous impression in Turkey and the World. He brought the case tried in Germany into agenda of Turkey and contributed to creation of public opinion for reaching extensions in the country and protected and defended, despite any pressure, honest pennies of our citizens which wanted to be exploited.

He became Region 1 Deputy Candidate; served as Member of Party Assembly, Member of Central Execution Board and Advisor to Chairman for Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (Republican People's Party) he also maintained his office as International Organizing Coordinatorship.

Today, he is in Maltepe, from Maltepe; with an understanding sensitive to social problems, not distant to people, adopting service for people which solves first requests of people by embracing district organization with a permanent staff that would materialize people oriented social democrat municipalism