A Message From the Mayor

Dear People of Maltepe;

Hello to everyone at the beginning of a road which seems long-running but elapses very swiftly… Adults, the youth, children; we rolled up our sleeves to built a more livable Maltepe for all of us, to carry a completed town to futures. When we; Municipality of Maltepe and you people of Maltepe join forces, we will see that there is no problem that may not be dealt with. And dear people of Maltepe, we are going to knit services we will gain to the district in any field with a ball of love. We will do our best so that everyone benefits equally from our services and facilities by saying "human, first" at any step we will take, without marginalizing any neighborhood-human. 

When we asked for jurisdiction to generate service on behalf of you, we said that we would act with the understanding of "consulting municipalism not imposing". I reiterate once more that we will be pleased significantly if you deliver your complaints-problems and suggestions to me in person so that we can achieve a more productive municipality structure. And I expect all locals to "people's stand" we hold every Tuesday and say and microphone is at hands of people of Maltepe. I attach great importance to such gatherings I see as a reflection of Maltepe in the City Hall. We do not want that our children experience problems-deficiencies our elders experienced in their time, and we encounter today.

Our all pursuit is to deliver a deficit-free Maltepe to our children in particular. We will build a town where the handicapped do not see handicaps for them. The elderly do not feel lonely; self-confidence of the youth increases and the children can comfortably play and act. 

We will be all proud with a Maltepe which would be a sample town, socially and culturally. You will ask, we will execute. We will not perform activities you do not want. Because we are as tight as a tick; 

we are Maltepe, together!.. 

Very soon, we are going to lay foundations of projects that would facilitate life, and conclude them urgently. We will say "If people of Maltepe ask, it will happen in Maltepe". And dear people of Maltepe, we are going to get together very frequently and chat more…. 

We are going to advance together without compromising our faith in good days, bright futures, without getting exhausted, we will smile and find peace … 

Ali Kılıç
Maltepe Mayor