Maltepe Municipality in Serbia

The city administration of Maltepe organized an official visit to Loznica in Serbia between March 22 – 25, 2016 with a delegation comprising of Deputy Mayor Ms. Canan Döner, Director for Foreign Affairs Mr. Hasan Hüseyin Yıldız, Director for Cultural and Social Affairs Ms. Zeynep Hayman and Director vor Health Affairs Mr. Şenol Karasu.



The delegation consisting of representatives of the city administration and businesspeople was received by a delegation of the municipality Loznica consisting of Mayor Mr. Vidoje Petrovic, the Deputies, Members of the Board, Directors for Culture, Health, Economy, Advertising and Promotion. The “Cooperation Agreement” on mutual cooperation in cultural, social and economic activities, participation in festivals was signed by the parties. CDs and documents introducing Maltepe were presented to Mayor Vidoje Petrovic. Presents, prepared by Süreyyapaşa A.Ş. were handed over on behalf of Mayor Mr. Ali Kılıç. The municipality Loznica was invited to the festival to be held on August 12, 2016, where also Serbian culture is exhibited and local artists will perform; an mutual agreement was reached.



For the third week in September 2016, an international dialogue conference is planned in Maltepe on “Approaches and Solutions in Immigration and Refugee Issues” and we requested that the Mayor and a Member of Parliament should attend to the conference. At the talks, representatives of the local Serbian newspapers and TV stations were present. Information about the cooperation agreement was shared during the visit to a local TV station.



During the visit, the municipality of Loznica organized visits to important places of the district. The oldest mineral spring of Loznica, the Banya Kovilyaca was visited. During the visit, the hospital director Prof. Dr. Aleksander Gokic and hospital management, Councillor Mr. Tomislav Arnautovic, heads of respective departments gave a briefing on specifications and capacity of the hospital. According to the information given by Prof. Dr. Zeki Karagülle, lecturer of the Çapa Hospital and one of the most important experts on healing springs, the hospital is works coordinated. The desire, to visit the Parliament in Belgrade together with the city administration of Loznica was expressed, an appointment was made by the colleagues at the city administration and the delegation drove off to Belgrade. The parliament building, were 250 MPs are holding office, was visited. A conversation with MP Prof. Dr. Ljubisa Stojmirovic took place, the invitation to the 3rd dialogue conferences was expressed and informed, that the necessary correspondence will take place. The delegation’s visit ended with a visit of the Palace Square, the Crossroads, University Squaeres, Mosque with flags and similar historical and touristic sites. (25.03.2016)