The Vietnam Conference

The Maltepe Municipality hosted the Vietnamese Delegation that consists of the many members including the Vietnamese Commercial Counsellor and Commercial Office President Le Phu Cuong.

The delegation made meetings with the commercial establishments in Maltepe and made a presentation regarding the investment properties in their country.

The Maltepe Municipality Foreign Relations Directorate arranged an informative meeting concerning the ‘’Foreign trade opportunities in Vietnam’’ for the representatives of the commercial establishments. The Vietnamese Commercial Counsellor and Commercial Office President Le Phu Cuong and Vietnamese Commercial Attache Ly Quoc, Maltepe Assistant Major Canan Doner, Maltepe Municipality Foreign Relations Manager Hasan Huseyin Yildiz and representatives of various companies attended the meeting. The Vietnamese Commercial Counsellor Le Phu Cuong made a presentation regarding the economy of the country and foreign trade relations.


Le Pu Cuong stated in his presentation that Vietnam is growing very fast and said ‘’our population is 91 million right now, we are very dynamic but Turkish investors are hesitated regarding investment in Turkey. This gives extra advantage for the Chinese and South Korean companies. The Turkish investors ask about the local partners mostly. But the Turkish companies may make investment in Vietnam without getting any partners on contrary of the other countries. The Vietnamese government facilitates land leasing in foreign investments. Establishing company is very easy in our country. The bureaucratic details are little and there is no need for license. The certificate taken from the official establishments is sufficient.’’  Cuong, while answering the questions after presentation, stated that the Turkish Airlines will start direct flights to Vietnam in July based on the available potential. (29.01.2016)