Cuban Festival in Maltepe

Within the context of ‘’Cuban Cultural Festival’’ realized under the courtesy of Maltepe Municipality, the Quartett Pachanga group and Caribbean Night Tropicana Dance Group made their Cuban shows in the Maltepe Municipality Prof. Dr. Turkan Saylan Cultural Centre. 
The soloist of the Quartett Pachanga group Eduardo Duquesne said to the audience ‘’Hello Istanbul, Hello Turkey’’ and stated the following ‘’We thank Maltepe Major Ali Kilic who gave us the opportunity to introduce our culture here this night. Istanbul is a very nice city. Besides, we saw that the cultures are very similar.’’
The group that consists of Eduardo Duquesne, Renate Böhm, Felipe Oscar Rengifo Isturiz and Jorge Reiner Ardiles Ruiz introduced the unique culture, music and dance of Cuba to the people of Maltepe. The group presented samples from the best known songs of Cuba and sang the song written by Carlos Puebla after the farewell letter of Ernest Che Guevera ‘’Hasta Siempre’’, the song written by Jose Marti ‘’Guantanamera’’ and ‘’Chan Chan’’. Later on the Caribbean Night Tropicana Dance Group took the stage. The dance group consists of Partia Mınerva Ramirez Garcia, Maria Aracelis Brito Medina, Lazara Blanco Alverez, Yaimara Garcia Leal, Enite Fuset Cordova and Lazara Krick, staged the Latin American dances such as salsa, bolero, chachacha and rumba which have Cuban roots. The audience tapped out the rhythm of the dances and some of them took the stage to dance salsa. The audience applauded the Cuban dance group loudly. Maltepe Major Ali Kilic also attended the festival. (27.12.2015)