Egyptian Consul General in Maltepe

The new Egyptian Consul General in Istanbul Bssam Rady who represents Egypt that has a history of 7 thousand years visited Maltepe Major Ali Kilic. 
Ideas were exchanged in the meeting regarding regional, commercial and cultural cooperation matters and it was decided to make an agreement of ‘’sister cities’’ between Maltepe and an Egyptian city. 
Arab Republic of Egypt Istanbul Consul General Bassam Rady visited Maltepe Majopr Ali Kilic during his general visits made in Istanbul. Maltepe Deputy Major Canan Doner, Foreign Relations Manager Huseyin Yildiz and Belief Services Coordinator Murat Korkmaz attended the meeting too. 
Major Ali Kilic made a speech in the meeting and said ‘’First of all I wish success to the Consul General who has been newly appointed to our country. I hope that he will be happy of serving in Turkey. For this reason this visit is important for us and I think that it will contribute to the cultural and economic relations between the two countries. We signed agreements of sister cities with many countries such as Germany, Kenya, Iran, China, Spain, Bulgaria and Japan. Accordingly we would like to sign it with Egypt too. We are trying to open Maltepe to foreign cultures. We may arrange cultural weeks or nights with Egypt that has a 7 thousand years history. We may realize it in our cultural centre in Bescesmeler.’’
 Ali Kilic also stated that Abdurrahman Sadien who is the number one Quran reader of the world, attended the activities made in our district and said ‘’The Egyptian Quran readers are famous all over the world. We may have a cooperation in this matter via the cultural weeks. By this way, we would like to see the businessmen in our district, in the Anatolian side and in all Istanbul. We adopt the principle of ‘’Peace in the country, peace in the world’’ that belongs to our founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. We say ‘’ love will always win’’, open Maltepe to the world cultures, make cooperation and strengthen the brotherhood between the societies. Egypt and Turkey are countries similar to each other. The people of Anatolia grew up with the love and respect principles of Yunues Emre, Mevlana, Haci Bektas. Their hearts are opened. Our doors are also opened to you.’’
Arab Republic of Egypt Istanbul Consul General Bassam Rady stated that he just started his mission and he fell in love with Istanbul. He said ‘’Napoleon said: If the world was just one country, Istanbul would be its capital city. I understood very well what he meant when I came to Istanbul. The states and people of the two countries will get closer to each other in terms of commercial benefits and mutual respect. The suggestions of the Major regarding the cultural night, sister cities and Quran reading are very logical. We will arrange it as fast as possible.’’ While Islamophobia, racism, the attacks in the world and the regional developments were mentioned in the meeting, Kilic presented to the guests handmade vases manufactured by the women on Maltepe. (28.12.2015)