Sister Cities CHINA

Maltepe and Anqing becomes sister towns

Maltepe Municipality prepares to be the sister towns with Anqing town of China. Maltepe Mayor Ali Kılıç admitted the committee formed by Wei Xiaoming, Mayor of Anqing in People’s Republic of China, Ding Xianog, Deputy Consul General of the People’s Republic of China and accompanying businessmen.

Admitting his guests in his seat of Mayorship in Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan Culture Center (TSCC) building, Kılıç mentioned one of the most important projects related to Maltepe, “International Congress and Fair Center” and said: “In the first phase, we can cooperate in cultural and artistic aspects. One week, dishes from Chinese cuisine can be displayed. We have places like Beşçeşmeler for this. In other times, cultural activities can be made. We have values such as Fazıl Say for this. We want to go to China and introduce these values.”


Stating that they will make an expedition to Anqing town in the following months, Kılıç said: “I am very pleased with the visit of the Mayor. We want to open Maltepe to different cultures. We had been sister towns with some towns in Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Iran before. Chinese economy is progressing very well. Thus, we plan to be the sister town of Anqing as well in the future. We will take small steps but do big things. So, not only Maltepe, the entire Turkey will benefit from it. The authorities of Consul General and the municipality committee stated that Maltepe was a dynamic town that is open to change and that they were following Maltepe with admiration. Guest Mayor provided information regarding the economical, social and cultural status of the city and highlighted that they would take systems to improve the cooperation.


Giving a tour of TSCC to the guests after the discussions, after Mayor Kılıç provided information to Chinese committee regarding the library, exhibition halls, theatre halls, Dinosaur Museum, Nazım Hikmet Hall and Efe Boz Children World Hall, a certificate of good will was signed between Maltepe Municipality and Chinese committee in order to increase the inter-cultural solidarity and the development of cultural cooperation. Meanwhile, Maltepe Mayor Kılıç presented vase and Turkish Delight to the guests. The guest committee presented Kılıç with a brochure introducing Anqing and the opera building in the city and a picture of tulip made with marbling art.