Maltepe-Germany Friendship

Notes of Christian UDE

The project in Marmara is mobilized

Our project initiatives in Maltepe have been commended as of October 2014. Maltepe Mayor Ali Kilic visited Munich exhibition in September 10 to evaluate cooperation opportunities and obtained outcomes that are above and beyond the expectations. On September 18, Klaus Dietrich, the Director of Munich exhibition, included following decisions within his “Letter of Intent”. “We support construction of a wide and modern fair area on Anatolian side of Istanbul that complies with international standards and host international fairs, exhibitions and meetings. We, the Messe München Group, are excited to be included in arrangement of this fair area.”     
Significant attempts were realized with Messe Munchen GmbH (Munich fair company) regarding the consultancy service to be performed for Maltepe fair area. Some of the items for which consultancy service is to be received are as follows: assessment of fair location, market research, fair programs, construction plans and functionality of future fairs. Messe Munchen GmbH is ready to provide consultancy services on construction and operation of fair area. If the new fair area meets expectations of Messe Munchen GmbH, the company may undertake a role in operation of the fairs.  

Reiter is also the vice President of Munich Fair Corporations.
The consultancy services to be provided to Maltepe Municipality in the scope of fair related services shall be offered by Eugen Egetenmeir, who will retire on 01.01.2015. He has significant contributions to the Joint Venture of new fair in Munich and Shanghai fair and has international knowledge and experiences in this field.
Political agreement in Maltepe
In the beginning of October, Ali Kilic, the Mayor of Maltepe, presented fair in Eastern Munich and the offer for cooperation to the representatives of 18 districts of Maltepe Municipality, who are affiliated to different parties. During the last interview with Ali Kilic, local politicians of Maltepe provided their supports for the fair project and stated its importance in terms of business market and economic development in Anatolian Side. I believe that these developments are the most remarkable joint efforts that have been realized between Turkey and Germany in terms of fair organization. If the Eurasia region suffering crisis achieves revitalization in the future and perceived missing points are compensated, Maltepe fair area may play significant role in this regard – furthermore, any visa problem between visitors and homelands having fair areas should be prevented.      
Social projects: nurseries are prioritized!
We achieved concrete progression in social area. During the second week of Munich visit, former director Jurgen Salzhuber and the new director Christoph Frey was interviewed through the Upper Bavaria Labor Social Welfare Organization (AWO) former president Franz Maget and presented their studies in disability and child care areas. Prefabricated nurseries made of wood, constructed within short time period and offering the best pedagogical conditions attracted the most attention.  
Other expectations
Some of the problems on resident policy in Maltepe are illegal constructions, missing measures against earthquake and unplanned urbanization due to increasing rate of migration, which require immediate measures. In this scope, Michael Ludwig, Vienne State Urbanization Minister and who completed many remarkable projects and turned Vienne into one of the best cities in the world was contacted. First interviews were realized in Istanbul by the Mayor Ali Kilic in the middle of October. Vienne has in excess of 240.000 residences that belong to the municipality and more than 400.000 residences are requested from the municipality. Therefore, the municipality of Vienne is the most experienced European city in terms of residences.    
Hans-Jochen Vogel, the former SPD party head and the assembly group leader, wants to be informed on progression of joint works with Maltepe Municipality in next spring.
Next stop: In the beginning of November
We will facilitate our works by visiting Istanbul during first week of November for the opening of Maltepe Municipality European Union and International Relations Center accompanied by Franz Maget, the former SPD assembly group president at Bavaria State Assembly, Eugen Egetenmeir, the member of board, Jürgen Salzhuber, the former director of Labor Social Welfare Organization (AWO)  and other experts.


Ramadan is More Pleasant in Maltepe "Sabah"

Ramadan, the sultan of 11 months, is experienced to the fullest with street iftar dinners, plays, outdoor cinema and conversation programs in Maltepe, Istanbul

Declaring that they have said “welcome” to Ramadan before everybody in the event including the show of 150 whirling dervishes, Ali Kiliç, Mayor of Maltepe Municipality said: “Ramadan teaches us to be thankful”.
Maltepe Municipality greeted Ramadan with the "Welcome Ramadan" event held in Maltepe Stadium, and is offering Maltepe residents an unforgettable month. 6 thousand people break their fast everyday at iftar dinners offered at 16 different points, food aid is provided to the families in need, and Turkish delight is distributed in mosques each Thursday after the tarawih prayer. Welcoming the holy Ramadan month with the “Welcome Ramadan” program, Maltepe residents had an unforgettable night watching the fireworks display and the event in which 150 whirling dervishes whirled spontaneously for the first time in Turkey. Christian Ude, former Mayor of Munich Municipality, was also in the event that was held by the Maltepe Municipality and drew considerable interest both from the national and international media. Mustafa Ertürk Hodja, member of Turkish Chanters Association, read the Koran in the event that featured “May love win at all times; sharing is improving; let's share the plentifulness of Ramadan” messages, and included great enthusiasm.
The life of Mevlânâ Jalal ad-Din Rumi, the founder of Mevleviyeh, was on display and his will was read. Attendants experienced emotional moments due to whirling and chants in the event where 150 whirling dervishes from Hilal Mawlawi Whirling Group whirled under the fireworks and light shows. “Maltepe residents are experiencing a first. We are welcoming Ramadan before anyone in Turkey" said Ali Kiliç, Mayor of Maltepe Municipality and continued:
"150 whirling dervishes will rise their hands into the air and pray to God with you. Everything is born with love, grows with love and develops with love. We wanted to greet the Ramadan month with the same message of love. Ramadan brings us tables where the poor meet the rich. Great thinker, the man of love, Mevlana says: 'Look at the world you are living in; there is no work of Allah that He did not grow in love'. So we are experiencing and maintaining the thoughts of Mevlana, Yunus, and Haci Bektasi Veli, who are the cornerstones of Anatolian humanism." Attending the iftar in Esenkent Ulu Mosque on the second day of Ramadan together with Christian Ude, former Mayor of Munich Municipality, and his wife Edith Welser-Ude, Kiliç distributed food to citizens together with Ude. Citizens showed great interest to Kiliç and Ude that sat at the table with them.

Internal and external cleaning of 79 mosques in 18 neighborhoods have been performed by the teams within Maltepe Municipality Support Services with the instruction of Mayor Ali Kiliç. Frequently visiting the iftar dinners that are offered at various points of the district, Mayor Kiliç wears his apron and distributes food to citizens. Being the guest of Karasu family, residents of Basibüyük Neighborhood, Kiliç broke his fast at a floor table. Murat Korkmaz, Coordinator of Maltepe Municipality Faith Department, accompanied with Mayor Kiliç. Kiliç sat cross-legged at the floor table in the iftar that was  quite warm and sincere with prayers of Korkmaz, and had the opportunity to listen to the problems of family.
The first of the Ramadan Conversations has been organized in the Maltepe Merkez Square with the participation of Ihsan Eliaçik. The opening speech of the meeting attended by a huge crowd was made by the Mayor Ali Kiliç. Kiliç emphasized the importance of unity and integrity, and commented: "We are a big family with no 'others' regardless of the color, language, religion, gender; our path passes through peace and love. May Allah not let our unity and integrity be disrupted. Everybody in Maltepe is struggling for an enlightened, modern Maltepe. We have welcomed Ramadan before everybody in the event including the show of 150 whirling dervishes, and set up various iftar tables." Ramadan conversations in Maltepe will continue with Eren Erdem and Yasar Nuri Öztürk.
Türkan Soray, the "Sultan" of Turkish cinema attracted great interest in the opening of "Outdoor Movie Days" held by the Maltepe Municipality with the slogan "Sunflower seeds and soft drinks are on us, watching the movies are on you". Soray watched her unforgettable movie "Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim", also starring Kadir Inanir, while eating sunflower seeds. Ali Kiliç, Mayor of Maltepe Municipality, presented "Love and Labor Award" for the first time this year to Soray and Berkay. Receiving the award, Soray then autographed the poster of her legendary movie. Mayor Ali Kiliç said: "You know that there are some artists that you fall in love with the first time you see in the cinema. Türkan Soray is the most important among them. When I look at Türkan Soray, I see a person that has all the characteristics of Anatolian women; Black Sea women, Aegean women, women that pick cotton in Harran, Çukurova, Zübeyde Hanim, my own mother. I am glad we have you. I remember myself crying whilst watching this movie."
Soray was quite excited and said: "The main theme of this movie to show the beauty of love and difference of labor. I have made over 200 movies, but this movie is the only one that has reached the hearts of spectators the most. Another reason of this film's popularity is Cahit Berkay. He made the unforgettable music of this movie that is at least as well-known as the film and identifies with it."
The event to be held until July 26 will continue with the display of following movies:
*July 11, Friday: 09:45 PM / Neseli Günler
*July 12, Saturday: 09:45 PM / Umut
*July 16, Wednesday: 09:45 PM / Neredesin Firuze
*July 18, Friday: 09:45 PM / Kerbela
*July 19, Saturday: 09:45 PM / Hababam Sinifi
*July 22, Tuesday: 09:45 PM  / Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü?
*July 25, Friday: 09:45 PM / Sürü
*July 26, Saturday: 09:45 PM / Bizim Aile
The art studio of the known player Emin Olcay, "Ömer Baba" of the series "Kurtlar Vadisi", and his wife Hayat Olcay, is staging a show at 14 different points across the district throughout the Ramadan month as part of the tour truck project of municipality. The show "Nefesinle Nefsin Doydu mu?" including several interesting stage performances, reed flute concert, a musical showing the parts of Mevlana's life as well as specifics of marbling art, will continue to be performed throughout Ramadan in the neighborhoods of Maltepe.

Advisor from Munich to Maltepe "Hürriyet"

Christian Ude (66), former mayor of Munich will offer honorary consulting services to Ali Kiliç, Mayor of Maltepe Municipality.

Ude will work in a room assigned to him in Maltepe Municipality.

Having served as the mayor of Munich in Germany for 21 years, Christian Ude will utilize his experiences in local administration for Maltepe. Ude will offer honorary consulting services to Ali Kiliç, Mayor of Maltepe Municipality, in fields of European Union and International Affairs as well as share his experience in urban transformation and environment. Stating that friendship between him and Ude dates back to old times, Mayor Ali Kiliç said: "Christian Ude will offer honorary consultancy services to me. I consider these consultancy services important also in terms of strengthening the Turkish-German relationship. I want to bring a European vision to Maltepe, and combine humanism understanding of Ude with Anatolian humanism. Christian is a role model to me. Because he will show us how a local politician, a local mayor can be close to people. Ude is also a lawyer, an activist, a cabaret artist... He performs plays on stages in theaters. We distributed food in the iftar the previous day."


Walking the streets of Maltepe together with Mayor Ali Kiliç, Ude said that the greatest problem is urban transformation: "We implemented that in Munich, and realized many successful projects. The main understanding here is the approach of municipality to the situation. This project shouldn't be implemented for the rich. Problems can be eliminated if transformation is performed for and complies with the residents. Istanbul is a city with great history and urban fabric that is admired by everyone. Therefore, it grows fast. Traffic and housing are two problems. These two issues are important for me. Public transportation, underground or tram must be used in traffic. In housing, cost-efficient council housing projects with reasonable prices must be encouraged."

Ude will serve as an advisor in Istanbul "Zaman"

Having served as the Mayor of Munich for years, Christian Ude (SPD) will be a political advisor in Istanbul after his active political life of more than 20 years in Munich.

Having served as the Mayor of Munich for years, Christian Ude (SPD) will be a political advisor in Istanbul after his active political life of more than 20 years in Munich. According to the report in Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), Ude will become the advisor of Ali Kiliç, Mayor of Maltepe Municipality. Pointing out that Ude and Kiliç knew each other and were friends for a long time, the newspaper reported that they met in 1970s when Ude came to Turkey to take photos of wolves. Ude had published a book in Turkish in which he shared his memories in Turkey. SZ also reported that the political administration of Istanbul was similar to that of Berlin.

From Munich to Maltepe... "Sabah"

He became retired, and will offer honorary consulting services in Maltepe.

Former Mayor of Munich, Christian Ude, will offer honorary consulting services to Ali Kiliç, who was elected the Mayor of Maltepe Municipality on March 30, in his own room.

Having served as the mayor of Munich, Germany for 23 years, and took Munich to higher levels in the ranking of livable cities, 66-year-old Christian Ude will bring along his experiences in local administration to Maltepe, Istanbul. Ude will offer honorary consulting services to Ali Kiliç, who was elected Mayor of Maltepe from CHP on March 30, in fields of European Union and International Affairs as well as share his experience in urban transformation and environment. Ude revealed the secret behind serving as a mayor for long years as follows: “Fulfilling the promises you have made before and after election.” Having moved to Maltepe with his wife, Ude told how his friendship with Ali Kiliç started 32 years ago, and Kiliç translated his words:


“Let's go back to 1972: I was pursuing some cases of Kamer Kiliç from Kaymaktepe village, Pülümür, who used to work in Germany as a laborer. We became friends. Kamer Kiliç invited me to a wolf hunt on Munzur Mountain. I went to Tunceli with a friend. We stayed there for two weeks. I will never forget that trip. I quit hunting when I experienced the warmth and friendliness of people in 1972. There was a blond boy in the village who was at that time in primary school; I had taken him on my lap and stroked. That kid was Ali Kiliç who would be the Chairman of Turkish-German Friendship Federation years later. Kiliç family has been my friend for three generations.”
Walking the Maltepe streets with Ali Kiliç, Ude said that a major should embrace everyone. “I have come to pave the way for and contribute in the working system here through all my experience,” said Ude and continued:


“Istanbul is a city with great history and urban fabric that is admired by everyone. Therefore, it grows fast. In such cities, no mayor or local administrator can have a solution on hand. There is the traffic problem in Istanbul. And we can also talk about the housing problem, since this is a constantly growing city. If we determine the direction of traffic problem, we can encourage and improve the use of public transportation vehicles such as underground and tram. We must encourage council housing projects as well. What I mean is that these projects must involve the municipality, be cost-effective for citizens, and exclude any profit making purposes. Because municipalities do not earn money by building houses, and I think we can support the people in need by realizing council housing projects. These two issues are important for me.”


Ali Kiliç, Mayor of Maltepe Municipality said: “Ude has been my friend for long years. I consider these consultancy services important also in terms of strengthening the Turkish-German relationship. I want to bring a European vision to Maltepe, and combine humanism understanding of Ude with Anatolian humanism. Christian Ude is a role model to me. Because he shows us how a local politician, a local mayor can be close to people. He is a lawyer who could do his job; at the same time he is an activist, and a cabaret player who performs plays on stages. For instance, we distributed food in the iftar and broke fast the other day.”

German newspapers reported as well

German Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported that Christian Ude will offer consulting services to the journalist Ali Kiliç who had been friends with him in Munich for years. The newspaper commented as follows: “District mayorship means the mayorship for metropolitan municipality to Ude. Therefore, he has greater responsibilities.”

Hand from Munich to touch Maltepe "Milliyet"

Paths of Ali Kiliç, Mayor of Maltepe Municipality, and Christian Ude, former mayor of Munich that served for 23 years, had crossed in Tunceli 32 years ago, and are working now for Maltepe.

We interviewed Kiliç and Ude. Having served as the mayor of Munich, the third largest city in Germany, for 23 years, Christian Ude became the honorary advisor of Maltepe Municipality. The first opinion of Ude whose path crossed with Mayor Ali Kiliç 32 years ago in Tunceli when Kiliç was just a little boy is very simple; the need to plant trees at every empty area.
Ali Kiliç and Christian Ude will work together for Maltepe. Having served as the chairman of Municipalities Union in Germany for 6 years, Ude will share his expertise in local administration with Kiliç. Two men whose paths crossed 32 years ago told their meeting story and projects on Maltepe to Milliyet.
Ali Kiliç, Mayor of Maltepe Municipality, says that simple life of former mayor of Munich serves as an example to him.
How did you two meet?
ChristianUde: In 1971, we went to Tunceli to hunt wolves, and climbed up the feet of Munzur Mountain. We couldn't hunt any wolves in that trip, but met a family in a village with whom we would have a friendship for years. We knocked the door of Kiliç family that lived at the feet of mountain and had many children, and they invited us to their house with great hospitality. That's how I met Ali who was then a little, blond boy.  While chatting, we learned that some of the men in the family worked in Munich as a laborer. So a close contact was established between us. The friendship that started 40 years ago never ended. It even got stronger every year and turned into a family friendship.
How did your paths cross with Kiliç again?
Ude: Kamer Kiliç (uncle of Ali Kiliç), one of the elders in Kiliç family that live in Munich, comes to my house in Christmas holidays every year with gifts, and celebrates the Christmas with us.  I was the lawyer of Hasan Kiliç, Ali's father, when he worked in Munich. Ali moved to Munich in 1980 when he was a student. I, then, became the Mayor of Munich Municipality. And Ali became the Chairman of Turkish-German Friendship Federation, and we conducted some joint projects.
AliKiliç: Then I started to work as a journalist in Munich, and we had this journalist-mayor relationship when Ude was elected as the Mayor.
What did you think when Ali Kiliç offered the advisor position to you?
Ude: Previously, we had some projects with Mustafa Sarigül, former mayor of Sisli.  I learned a lot about Sisli and Istanbul in this period. I learned that there is a synagogue, a cemevi and an Orthodox church in Sisli. When construction of a mosque in Munich was in agenda, I showed Sisli to my citizens as an example, and eliminated prejudices.
Kiliç: Christian is a role model to me, because he is a model of how a local politician, a local mayor can be close to people. A lawyer, an activist, a cabaret artist. He performs plays on stages, dinks beer with people in the evenings...
Considering his life profile, he is the type of politician I'd like to see in Turkey. For instance, he doesn't own a house. His wife has one and they live there. He still rides his bicycle to work or takes the public transportation.
How is it possible to create a more environmentalist life in the district?
Ude: Afforestation is a must primarily. Because there is a massive amount of building construction here.
There are many houses but the green areas are insufficient. Instead of building large parks here, trees should be planted in small areas and love of nature must be encouraged.
‘Deportation must be avoided”
How should the urban transformation be performed in Maltepe?

Ude: I consider urban transformation as an on-site transformation that allows for the residents of that area to keep living there. We implemented this in Munich. The main understanding here is that the residents will never be “deported” or “forced to deportation”. But high income families that want to live here will also be able to move in the area. Because we need each other. This is what the transformation will based on. We will live together, because we need each other.