Maltepe-EU Aktivitaten

Visit to the Mayor from juniors of Maltepe

Students from Maltepe visited Maltepe Mayor Ali Kiliç in his office. Hosting the fourth and fifth class students of Güzide Yilmaz Primary School in the meeting room, Mayor Kiliç presented them chess set.

“It makes happy to be the voice of the public”

Maltepe Mayor Ali Kiliç told his junior visitors that he had been a war correspondent in Milliyet newspaper for a long time and said that he had worked with a purpose like finding solution to the problems of the citizens living in Germany, telling about Ataturk and representing Turkey abroad best. Mayor Kiliç said that he wanted to be a journalist throughout his life, that he performed his job very fondly and said that he can look at the events with a different eye with his journalist identity and that he is happy to be the voice of the public as a mayor. Mayor Kiliç asked them what they wanted to be in the future and made recommendations in choosing an occupation.
Primary school years past in hard conditions

Mayor Kiliç told about his primary school memories and pointed out the severity of living conditions and said that he kept going to the school with a cloth school bag and a black apron. He told about the difficulty of education in the school heated with stove as he got wet in the snow while going there in winter months and he said he set his objectives at such those early years. Junior visitors listened very attentively to the success story of Maltepe Mayor Kiliç who issued a school newspaper while he was a class president.
“I owe my knowledge to Mustafa Kemal’s teacher”
Addressing such high value of their each minute in shaping the future, Mayor Kiliç gave children advices that would expand their horizon. He said “there is a constant rule in life: you either direct or are directed. Now that you want to be the one who directs, you should be informed by those who direct you. Like a computer, you should record all the things you have learned. You should pay attention to the things you see in your lessons, you hear from your elders. I received education in Germany, I learned German, but I owe the essence of my knowledge to the teachers of Mustafa Kemal. Teachers you see every morning teaches you a new thing every day. You should respect them.”
“Most modern cities are remembered by their squares”
Maltepe Mayor Kiliç said that he wanted to be a mayor for a more beautiful and modern life and said that he wanted to put the knowledge and experience he obtained in Europe to Maltepe’s service.
Sharing the intelligent projects he developed for Maltepe with his guests, Maltepe Mayor Kiliç said that most modern cities of the world are remembered by their squares and gave the good news of building a square suitable for Maltepe. Mayor Kiliç said that he will transform Maltepe to a tourism center and create employment for twenty five thousand people through International Congress and Exhibition Center project and said that Maltepe’s future will change. He said he wanted to be with the children more frequently and gave chess sets to students.